Website of the Week (WoW) #225: The Popular Romance Project

The Popular Romance Project explores the origins and influences of popular romance. Its web site presents related articles, videos, and a full-length documentary, providing a broad context for studying the genre as embodied in multiple formats around the world, as far back in time as the ancient Greeks.

Website of the Week (WoW) #224: The Peer Writing Tutor Alumni Research Project

Includes results from the authors’ investigation of the role a peer tutoring experience plays in tutors’ subsequent lives, as well as information on how to conduct similar research via surveys, focus groups and other means.

Website of the Week (WoW) #221: Hawthorne in Salem

A non-profit educational Website on Nathaniel Hawthorne created at and maintained by North Shore Community College in Danvers, MA.

The site includes information on Hawthorne’s life and times, links to texts of many of his works, a bibliography of related scholarship, a timeline, maps, images, related video and audio files, and other materials.


Website of the Week (WoW) #219: Grand Comic-Book Database

An ongoing international project to build a detailed comic-book database. Listings are created by volunteer indexers from around the world.

The current database lists more than 1 million issues, about half with cover scans. It is searchable and includes information on creator credits, story details, and other information useful to the comic-book reader, fan, collector, and scholar.

Website of the Week (WoW) #218: Europeana Regia

This virtual exhibit recreates large portions of three royal manuscript collections of the Medieval and Renaissance periods that were subsequently dispersed: Bibliotheca Carolina (8th and 9th centuries), the Library of Charles V and Family (14th century) and the Library of the Aragonese Kings of Naples (15th and 16th centuries).

Digitized through the Europeana Regia project (2010-2012), the manuscripts are now also accessible via the larger Europeana collection. The virtual exhibit makes it possible to explore the manuscripts in the context of the reconstructed collections, each of which provides a view into European cultural activity during a distinct historical period.

Website of the Week (WoW) #217: The Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database

Online compilation and extension of Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index (1878-1985, 1985-1991, and 1992-1995), listing articles, books, and other materials, primarily about science fiction and fantasy but with some coverage of horror, gothic and utopian literature. Offers multiple search options as well as browsing by author, title, subject, and source.


Website of the Week (WoW) #216: Witches in Early Modern England: A Digital Humanities Project for Unveiling Witchcraft Narratives

Focusing “on the roles of print culture in producing the concept of witch and witchcraft in Early Modern England,” this project applies a variety of digital tools to relevant texts published in England in the 16th and 17th centuries.